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마스터, 브랜드, 티쳐, 크리에이터, 리더 각 분야의 연사들과 함께합니다. 

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브랜드The Flow Room Yoga Studio

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○ Name

The Flow Room Yoga Studio

○ Teacher 

Isabel Kwak (Isabel Kwak Yoga) / Camila Muradas

○ Class Category 

English speaking yoga studio / aerial yoga /  soundbaths /  dance classes / SUP yoga / yoga events & trips

○ What motivated you to put meditation, yoga at the center of your life?

 The Flow Room is Seoul's first and only dedicated English speaking yoga studio. It was created to provide a home for international yoga community in Seoul, with a design and atmosphere inspired by Bali. Both expats and Koreans practice together in our studio and community and enjoy our warm and inviting atmosphere. Our members and visitors say that The Flow Room is like no other studio in Seoul

○ Teacher Profile 

Our yoga teachers have all completed a minimum of 200 hours training, with additional advanced and specialised trainings on top.

○The Flowroom yoga class

Regular classes

Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Core/HIIT Yoga, Deep Flow, Hatha, Yin, Rocket, Alignment and Kundalini and - Zumba.

Specialist programs: Aerial Flow Yoga, Acro-Vinyasa Yoga, Ballet Flow, Mums & Babies Yoga, Yoga photography

EXCLUSIVE special event classes

Resonance Flow Aerial (Aerial Soundbath), Resonance Flow (Soundbath experience), Rainforest Flow (vinyasa flow inspired by Brazilian shamanism), New Moon Flow (a hip and heart opening flow every New Moon)


SUP Yoga (Paddle-board yoga on the Han River), beach yoga trips, temple yoga, healing retreats, park yoga, hiking yoga and more.

○ Website

The Flowroom Yoga

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The Flowroom Yoga

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The Flowroom Yoga


Camila Muradas

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